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Sep 01, 2023

Growatt Presents Latest Energy Innovations at Intersolar South America 2023

Intersolar South America 2023

As a globally recognized provider of smart energy solutions, widely favored across the South American region, Growatt made a significant impact at Intersolar South America 2023. The company showcased its most recent advancements and an extensive portfolio to address diverse energy requirements.

One of the highlights at the show was the NEO 1200-2000M-X (WIFI) microinverter series. Launched earlier this year, this solution gained tremendous attention among residential clients, offering an elevated degree of flexibility and convenience. Through 3/4 independent Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), it adapts to various solar panel configurations and orientations, allowing customers to construct their systems according to their preferences. Furthermore, energy management is simplified with the integration of WiFi modules and module-level monitoring, while the rapid shutdown function enhances safety measures.


Suitable for commercial, industrial, and micro-grid scenarios, Growatt exhibited the WIT series inverter ranging from 28kW to 100kW, alongside the APX Commercial Battery from 71kWh to 200kWh. The combination guarantees an uninterrupted power supply with built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and black start functions. Compatible with lithium and lead-acid batteries and supporting 100% unbalanced output, it delivers exceptional performance and operational adaptability for enterprises.

Debuting at this prestigious event was the X2 series, representing an upgrade from its predecessors. Including the MIC 1000-3300TL-X2, the MIN 2500-6000TL-X2, and the MIN 7000-10000TL-X2, this series retains the robust qualities of its previous version while accommodating a higher string input current range, spanning from 16A to 18A. The enhancement guarantees compatibility with PV panels of higher capacities, providing users with increased power potential.

To cater to regions with frequent power outages or limited grid accessibility, Growatt introduced the SPF 6000ES Plus off-grid inverter. With enhanced performance and reliability, the product supports a maximum PV array power of 8000W and an input voltage of up to 500V and allows the system to draw a power output of 6kW for the loads and an additional 2kW dedicated to battery charging when solar energy is abundant. For easier and cost-effective installations, the solution incorporates two AC input terminals to connect with utility sources and generators as well as an integrated ATS (automatic transfer switch) device.

Source: pv magazine

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