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System Solution Features


High Yields


Flexible and Expansive


Smart & Humanized

Boost the self-consumption rate of solar

More independent from the grid

Smart home energy management

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What's GroHome

GroHome is a smart home system that integrates solar, energy storage, smart EV charger, heater controller, VPP interface and IoT devices to increase a household's rate of PV self-consumption, also support the prediction of energy generation and consumption based on Big Data and AI technology, allowing you to enjoy the new lifestyle of green, comfort and smart.

PV linkage key strategy

GroHome appliances will be activated automatically when there is surplus solar power export to the grid, store the solar energy in storage battery, EV, or even the usable heat.

Solar storage plus EV charger

Solar storage plus water heater

Smart EV Charger + Energy Storage

Boost solar self-consumption rate

Store surplus solar energy to the battery

Use the surplus solar power to charge EV

GroBoost + Energy Storage

Boost solar self-consumption rate

Store the surplus solar energy to the battery

Transfer the surplus solar energy to usable heat.

Remote control

Hotkey for your home

Smart schedule

Voice control

Multi-zone control

006-Remote Control1.jpg
Remote control

Control your appliances anywhere and anytime.

007-Hotkey for Your Home.jpg
Hotkey control

Save your time, free your hands

One touch to control all the appliances

Smart schedule

Arrange your life and activate the appliances automatically on schedule

Voice control

Voice control your GroHome by Google/Amazon smart speaker

Multi-zone control

Establish energy saving mode for each area

Monitor energy flow of different areas



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