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May 17, 2022

Growatt Sweeps Intersolar Europe 2022 with All-scenario Smart Energy Solutions

Intersolar Europe 2022

Driven by the global mission for carbon neutrality and digitization, Growatt, a global prestigious smart energy solutions provider presents its all-scenario smart energy solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022, including its globally reputed PV inverters, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), smart home system and EV chargers.

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State-of-the-art quality forges a globally recognized top PV inverter brand

Ranging from 600W to 125kW, Growatt’s PV inverters cater to not only residential solar systems but also C&I and ground-mounted solar projects. Featuring AFCI and Type II SPD on both AC and DC sides, Growatt’s residential PV inverters arm the solar system with ultra-protections, reassuring a reliable and safe operation. As for C&I solutions, outstanding features such as 10 MPP trackers and compatibility with 16A high power modules are made available in order to maximize the system yields, thus helping realize a better transformation to a de-carbonized business model.

An uptake of BESS powered by Growatt

As energy storage system starts to take on in European markets, Growatt brings its rich collection of BESS to the event, including its various storage inverters and battery systems, and among them, the battery ready solution gets the most attention. To expand the product portfolio of this solution, the company debuts APX battery system to be matched with its battery ready inverters. The new APX battery system features an in-built energy optimizer within each module which allows more precise and independent management of each module. For example, the energy optimizer can help optimize the charge and discharge of each battery module independently. What is more, it can also help APX to achieve 100% depth of discharge (DoD), providing more usable energy.

Apart from the new battery system, Growatt’s latest C&I storage solution-WIT 50-100KTL3-H series hybrid inverter, which supports up to 1MW storage system also makes its debut in Europe at this exhibition.

THOR has commercial models

With the 7kW to 22kW AC chargers launched earlier, Growatt unveils new DC chargers of 20kW and 40kW for its THOR EV charger products. The new DC chargers will facilitate the charging speed more significantly, better catering to the demands of commercial purposes.

Growatt maps a smart home future with 100% green energy

A smart home system comprises an ESS, a GroBoost water heater, a THOR EV charger and some other smart devices. It allows devices to be interconnected via IoT technology and integrated to Growatt’s ‘GroHome’ platform, demonstrating a self-sustained system, thus powering individuals towards a lower carbon footprints lifestyle.

“With our continuing devotion to technical innovations and top class customer services, we have managed to excel in global markets and empower millions of customers from over 150 countries and regions to realize their low carbon emission targets. In the future, we will unswervingly stick to the goal of utilizing our all-scenario smart energy solutions to build a green future for every home, business and community on the planet,” concluded Lisa Zhang, vice president of marketing at Growatt during the expo.

Source: pv magazine

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