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Aug 30, 2022

Growatt’s smart energy solutions came in the spotlight at Intersolar South America

Growatt at Intersolar South America 2022

On August 23-25, Intersolar South America, the largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry in South America, took place in São Paulo, Brazil with thousands of visitors seeking advanced renewable energy solutions that can impact the country’s energy future. Growatt, one of the global top three inverter suppliers*, came in the spotlight with its all-scenario smart energy solutions during the event. The company is also the world’s largest residential inverter supplier* and user side energy storage inverter supplier*.

*Source: IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global), Wood Mackenzie, Frost & Sullivan

Growatt’s smart energy solutions came in the spotlight at Intersolar South America.jpg

“As a global leading distributed energy solution provider, Growatt has a vast variety of smart and powerful solutions for all application scenarios ranging from solar PV, energy storage, EV charging, portable power solution and more,” said Frank Qiao, vice president at Growatt. 

The company showcased its latest generation of inverters with capacity ranging from 1kW to 253kW for residential, commercial and industrial (C&I), and large scale solar plants. Particularly, people’s attention were drawn to its new innovations—MLP 2000-HF micro inverter, MIN 7000-10000TL-X high power residential inverter, MAX 50-75KTL3-XL2 three-phase 220Vac C&I inverter and MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV three-phase 380Vac C&I inverter.

Growatt new 2kW micro inverter MLP 2000-HF.jpg

Growatt’s new 2kW micro inverter MLP 2000-HF, ideal for small residential PV systems, features 4 MPPTs and 15A string current, enabling it to work well with high power modules at high efficiency, and it also allows users to quickly and easily expand the PV systems as their needs grow. For residential solar applications, the company also exhibited its high power single-phase inverter MIN 7000-10000TL-X for higher return on investment.

Growatt also introduced the new three-phase 220Vac C&I inverter MAX 50-75KTL3-XL2 which features high string current of up to 22.5A, making it compatible with 600W+ high power modules, as well as the three-phase 380Vac C&I inverter MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV, which is set with 10 MPPTs and a maximum output power of 125kW, the highest for a low voltage string inverter.

Growatt reliable and intelligent energy storage solutions.jpg

Aiming to help Brazilians gain energy independence, Growatt has exhibited its reliable and intelligent energy storage solutions. For off-grid energy storage applications, it provides the SPF ES series inverters and 4.8kWh Hope battery that can be paralleled for a maximum capacity of 76.8kWh. For households that are looking to upgrade their solar plants to solar energy storage systems in the future, its battery ready inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-XH is the ideal choice, and by adding its ARK XH battery system, customers can have storage capacity from 5.12kWh to 17.9kWh. Moreover, the company debuted its new hybrid inverter WIT 50-100KTL3-H and APX battery system with a storage capacity of up to 200kWh for C&I energy storage applications.

“With our whole system solution and warranty, Brazilians are enabled to maximize PV self-consumption and reduce electricity bills, and are also given peace of mind,” Qiao highlighted. Growatt’s battery solution uses cobalt-free Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) materials for improved safety and benefits from a modular design, which not only makes installation easy, but also provides customers with substantial storage capacity flexibility.

In addition, the company has displayed its ‘Thor’ series smart EV chargers, available in AC and DC formats for use in both residential and commercial scenarios. The Thor chargers can be linked with energy storage systems to charge electric vehicles with surplus solar power based on energy management platform. 

Growatt Portable Power Station - Infinity 1500.jpg

Also, on displayed was Infinity 1500, the new solar generator that has a battery capacity of 1512Wh and an AC output of 2,000W for provision of a clean, quiet and efficient power supply for outdoor adventure, home and emergency backup.

“Our whole team is proud to use our technical strength to develop tailored products and solutions to enable households, businesses and communities across the country to benefit from sustainable energy,” Qiao said. Being the No.1 PV inverter brand best remembered by PV integrators according to the latest survey conducted by Greener, Growatt already has two support centers in Brazil with more than 40 people in the team. “And we’ll continue to build a stronger local team to provide exceptional services for the Brazilians,” Qiao concluded.

Source: pv magazine

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