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Feb 21, 2023

Statement on fake Growatt websites

Dear Growatt customers,

We have recently been aware of incidents involving fake websites claiming to be associated with our company and carrying out illegal activities. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers and our company, we have issued a solemn statement as follows.

  1. Our company's official website in Chinese is https://www.growatt.com/, and the official website in English is https://www.ginverter.com/. Our websites in other languages can be accessed from the websites mentioned above, and we do not own or operate other websites.

  2. http://growattinverters.com and https://www.growatt-inverter.com are counterfeit websites of our company, which have seriously infringed on the rights and interests of our customers and our company, and we will take further legal actions to protect our legitimate rights and interests.

  3. We want to remind our customers and partners to stay vigilant and make sure to contact our company or purchase our products from official channels to avoid fraud and deception. If you find any unscrupulous elements imitating our website or using our name to engage in illegal activities, please inform us immediately (contact our legal team at legal@growatt.com) or report directly to the local public security authorities.



February 21, 2023


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